What is Cheezus?

Hailed as the app of 2019, that no human can live without, the Cheezus app is your personal cheese friend. We all love cheese. Well, the sane humans. Cheezus makes knowing your cheeses that much easier. Capture your favourite cheeses, learn what goes with them and learn about cheeses that you might like to try.

Crazy Tech

To learn every cheese, we've built the most high tech image recognition software to learn what each cheese looks like.

Best Recommendations

On top of this, our recommendation engine learns about the cheeses and what it needs to recommend goes with each one.

Broaden Your Palette

We will help you find more cheeses that test your palettes. Think you're just a cheddar person? We will challenge that!

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Building You
A Cheesier Future!

You didn't know you needed it, until now

It seems like something you just think, well, duh, why doesn't this exist. Yet, it doesn't. How have you survived to this point in your life without Cheezus? We don't know. What we do know though, id you won't have to anymore.

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