You might think I’m utterly batshit for this, but I’m going there and I’m not even sorry for it. My dirty secret is out and zero fucks are given.

Blue cheese and McDonalds curry sauce is a total win.

Yes, I said it. The dirtiness of McDonald’s classic curry sauce, with a nice, pungent and salty blue is a sweet and salty hit that just screams, sex my face!

It’s something you might not ever consider, but having had a curry chutney previously with blue cheese and loving it, I couldn’t not try the ultimate in hangover mixes, and dip into the classic curry.

You’re probably thinking, but Ross, I haven’t seen curry sauce, particularly McDonald’s curry sauce as a blue cheese recommendation on Cheezus, and you’d be right.

But from tomorrow that will change. All blue cheeses deemed appropriate will show the curry sauce pairing.

Which are appropriate? Good question. You want something ideally towards the sharper end of the blues. This was borderline, it needed a proper gum smacking Stilton or a Roquefort that’d built up a right bosh.

Either way, nothing too creamy. It wouldn’t balance against a Dolcelatte or Cambozola but the smellier and more obnoxious you go, the better this obnoxious pairing works.

Let me know if you’ve tried this pairing or generally curry with blue cheese. I’d love to know what similar pairngs you have tried.

Also let me know when you have tried this and how deliciously dirty you found it. Don’t worry it’ll be our dirty little cheese secret. Tweet me @cheezusapp

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