SPRING! Are we there yet? Can we say that yet? Well, in any case with Spring around the corner we look at the best Spring cheese is available in this season this week, starting with Bucheron.

A goat’s cheese, hailing from the Loire Valley and aged between 5-10 weeks, this chalky centred cheese delivers a lighter paste in it’s younger days, but as it matures and at room temps, becomes more oozy around goatie to the palate.

But what makes a Spring Cheese? And why are seasons different for cheese production?

Well Spring cheese is different for the most part due to the animals, milk, and location. Especially where you have a region such as the alpine regions, where the cows haven’t been in their alpine habitat for the winter, so milk production differs due to the land that they are grazing on. Also, as this is a goats cheese, Spring is lambing season, which means an influx in all things sheep/goat related. Spring is a great time to pick up some fresh goats cheese, as well as those different cheeses you can’t get all year round due to the above. We’ll cover some more in upcoming posts.

Pairing: Something fruity for your vino; such as a fruit forward pinot noir, or a local (to me) Pinot Gris would wash down nicely.
For a beer, something like a nice fresh Weiss bier would go well.

Spirits wise, we’re not going to be knocking back the shots, but a nice fresh G&T with some botanicals would match nicely and not overpower from either side.

You can eat on a nice nutty wholegrain slice with a light drizzle of lavender honey would be a delight!

Download the Cheezus app today to find out which other cheeses are like this great Bucheron.

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