Summer Cheese Recommendations – Picnic, Pairings & More

The weather is getting slightly warmer (not tempting fate right now) and we’re starting to get used to being able to spend some time outside in a state of, god forbid, near normality. So of course, now is when we start looking forward to our outdoor events and with that comes picnics and with picnics, […]

Cheese Knife Guide – The Cheezus Guide to Cutting Cheese

cheese knife guide

We have many cheese knives. I’m sure we can’t be the only ones? Maybe, but those of you with a drawer of cheese related knives; do you know which knives are supposed to be used with each cheese? We thought it would be a good idea to give you the Cheezus cheese knife guide. Starting […]

Cheezus Q1 Updates

Q1 Cheezus Updates

So much has happened in 2021 so far, here is a comprehensive update of all things Cheezus app and what’s coming up soon! Stay tuned!

The History of Cheddar – British Cheese Weekender

cheezus history of cheddar

The history of Cheddar… If you’re not a cheese lover, you’ll still know the name Cheddar. In fact, you could hate cheese (I don’t understand these people either, I know), but you’d still know what Cheddar was. It’s one of the most popular and well consumed cheeses around the world but what do you know […]


cheezus spring cheeses bucheron

SPRING! Are we there yet? Can we say that yet? Well, in any case with Spring around the corner we look at the best Spring cheese is available in this season this week, starting with Bucheron. A goat’s cheese, hailing from the Loire Valley and aged between 5-10 weeks, this chalky centred cheese delivers a […]